Taurus Party Season

Are you ready for your “next?!?” It’s time people. We have been in the midst of huge shifts and transformations for what seems like ages now! We have been moving mountains! 

What do you love? Who do you love? How do you like to be embodied? There is a cosmic party in Taurus right now, and we are remembering what feels the most delicious! It’s an individual thing! And there is no wrong answer. 

What do you value? How do you value yourself? Is your self worth based on anything that you could let go of? Have you been having a conversation with your body that is not very kind? If so, let it go! 

Mercury moved into Taurus yesterday, the new moon is in Taurus tomorrow, and Uranus, the planet of liberation and reinvention moves into Taurus tomorrow as well. What does being human mean to you? How can you enjoy this experience with the utmost joy and pleasure? 

Over the next seven years we will be exploring this for ourselves! Have fun with it! It’s about fucking time for more fun!! 

 Photo by Lachlan Bailey.

Photo by Lachlan Bailey.