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Hi, I am Willow. I live my life as a form of creative self expression. Life is my art. Always exploring, loving, desiring, creating, expanding and transforming.  My love is to bring that frequency into everything I do.  I view the body as a sacred vehicle for the soul, and I know that fun is good medicine.


I was a world class mountain bike racer for 17 years. Racing proved to be my "cosmic classroom".  I dove headfirst into competition, burying childhood trauma and sexual assault in medals and accolades.  In so doing, I unconsciously buried the pain deep into the cells of my body and psyche.  

In 2004, I hit a physical and metaphysical wall, and was introduced to my first of many teachers, shaman Jacalyne Sherlock.  I soon embarked on the journey of alchemical healing and intensive study, which would eventually lead to my true calling.


From 2003-2011, I worked and studied with many spiritual and energetic teachers.  Graciela D. Ramos, (a Business Intuitive and Executive Life Coach in California) helped me embrace and refine my psychic and intuitive gifts. Marie Redfeather ( a shaman and healer from Colorado) assisted in deep shadow work and energy alchemy. 

Layers and layers of dis-ease were peeled away from my physically and energetic bodies. I became lighter, leaner, happier and faster.  My spiritual and psychological breakthroughs continued to be reflected in my racing and my life.

In 2008 I experienced my kundalini awakening.  I was injured while practicing for the World Championships in Val Di Sole Italy.  Jacalyn was visiting me, and we practiced breath work while she worked on my ankle.  I can only describe what happened next as a cosmic orgasm.  Every cell of my body was aligned with my true essence.  This juicy natural high lasted for days.  I knew this was how I was meant to feel!

Jacalyn died in a plane crash shortly after this experience.  She was a guide and earth angel, and I feel such gratitude for our incredible time together. 

I reached the pinnacle of my racing career in 2010*.  It was then that lady life threw me another delicious curveball.


I had my sights set on 2012 Olympic Gold Medal.  I signed a prestigious contract with TREK WORLD RACING, and locked into training mode. In a divine plot twist, I became pregnant with my first daughter in the Spring of 2011.

At a cross road, I had my star chart read by Dr. Julie Bresciani. This particular reading changed my life.  My chart affirmed that I was born with a unique connection to my Higher Self and the wisdom of the stars. Dr. Bresciani revealed that I could be a conduit for the reemergence of The Goddess Mysteries, and inspire others to embrace the wisdom of the body.

I attempted to return to racing in 2012, but was no longer meant to battle on the track.  Life had other plans for me. I became a student of Dr. Julie Bresciani, and started my own astrology practice in 2013.

In a surprising and extraordinarily painful blow, my stepson committed suicide in 2016.  I took a year off from my  practice to focus my energy on healing my family. Incredibly enough, this enormous heartbreak proved to be another invaluable lesson in the recovery of joy.   


I now combine my knowledge of energetics and the physical form, with Astrology, Numerology, The Gene Keys, Human Design, Intuition and my love of beauty.  I offer Cosmic Clarity for clients seeking to remember their divine gifts, enhance and activate their erotic nature, and create the body of their dreams!

One of my greatest joys is to inspire others to reclaim their juiciness. Life is meant to be lived!

*Willow is a 3 time Collegiate National Champion, and has a plethora of professional wins to her name.  She led the World Cup Circuit for a brief time in 2010, before eventually finishing 2nd overall.  She won bronze medals at the 2009 and 2010 Cross Country World Championships. She has a BA in Psychology from UNCA, and is a certified Sports Performance Coach and Energy Mastery Practitioner. Her first book "My Wheels Gave Me Wings" was published in 2012.  

She cofounded the non-profits Rockwell Ridewell with her husband Myles in 2016. Willow loves to sing, dance and paint with her daughters Raven and Freya, and delights in sipping delicious wine in the sunshine.