I infuse cosmic energy in all of my creative endeavors.  Whether you view my art, read my words, or book a session with me, you will feel it!  My desire is that you emerge liberated, and inspired to shift into a life fueled by ecstatic love and joy.  I combine Astrology, Numerology, Human Design, The Gene Keys, and Intuition, for an illuminating experience. Prior to our session I need your birthdate, place and time. You came to earth to shine! Let's get the cosmic party started!

Cosmic Art:  I channel ancient wisdom (and star dust) to create inspired and delicious works of art. I have pieces available for purchase, and on display at various events, pop-ups and places of business. I am available for commission, and love working with clients on their ideal cosmic creation. A moment in time can be captured in a glorious piece....a wedding, an anniversary, a birth or a celebration of a life well lived.

Cosmic Clarity:  Do you need inspiration from the stars?  Are you stuck in a rut or amazingly confused? Are you in the middle of an enormous life transition?  Let's bring clarity to the situation!  I will help remind you of your magic!  Pressure creates diamonds. Let's discover them!

Cosmic Creative:  There is forcefield of genius within you. It will liberate you, delight you and inspire you. Your star chart illuminates your gift, talents and highest self expression.  Let's unleash your wild creative life-force! 

Cosmic Couple: I love consulting couples on appreciating their divine connection, enjoying their bodies, and embracing their differences.  I delight in creating astrological consultations (and paintings!) that infuse the magnetics of the couple with the energetics of the divine. 

Cosmic Career Building:  Your gifts, talents and unique self expression are calling you!  A star chart session will illuminate your career strengths and your higher purpose. You were born for this.  The world is ready for your magic!

Cosmic Body:  Your chart tells us everything we need to know about how to live the most divine and delicious human experience! From workouts, food and mindfulness practices, to letting loose and having fun, you are unique! Not everyone is mean to be a raw food vegan! Martinis and skinny jeans may be your "destiny!"  You are here to do you.  Experience the liberation of being your authentic, best feeling self!

Cosmic Athlete:  Would you like to do less and achieve more? Would you like to channel the energy that creates worlds through your body? Let's consult your chart and maximize your gifts and potential in the realm of sport. I have condensed everything I learned as a professional athlete into easily understood energetic principles.  Access your magical formula to get to the top!

Venusian Vibes:  I love women, and I am passionate about assisting in their quest for ecstasy!  I focus on activating the essence of the planet Venus.  I love to "give" women permission to be who they are!  I engage at gatherings, book clubs, bachelorettes or any fun occasion! I also love to contribute to media, podcasts, radio and sensual live events.  

Cosmic Collaborations: I am available for artistic collaborations and creative consultations. I adore channeling ideas with creative cohorts!  I am currently working on a guest series for Panache cycle wear.  The stars are the limit!