Venusian Vibes

Venus is the planet of love, beauty, sexuality and creativity.
Her energy influences what we love, how we love, and how we express ourselves sexually, sensually and creatively.

Venus will be traveling through the Pleiades April 23-25th.
You can see Venus early in the evening in the West during this time. 

The Pleiades are all about creativity, love and joy.

This is a beautiful opportunity to connect with your Venusian essence,
and activate more fabulousness in your life!

Both men and women experience Venus as an energetic influence
in our bodies, personalities and self-expression. For men,
Venus represents the imprint of the eternal feminine.
She shows the kind of woman he is attracted to, and also
influences his aesthetic taste.

For a woman, Venus describes her feminine essence.
Where her desires lie, how she loves to love, and how she wishes
to be desired and appreciated!

I love to flow with my language,
so these descriptions can be pondered and adjusted
to your unique contemplation and life experience. Have fun with it!

Venus is fun!

Let the beauty of the words activate the divine spark within you!

My suggestion is to contemplate the
essence 90%, and give 10% to the challenge. 
Transcend and Integrate the challenge to experience the
fullness of your lusciousness!



The Essence:  
Amazonian Goddess. Warrioress. Champion.  Artemis. 
Individuality. Going for “the gold”. Risk taking.  Loves fire.  Candles.
Enjoys a good tousle. Freedom, expansiveness. Red panties.
Impressed by someone who can hustle. Quickies.  Cinnamon. 

The Challenge:  
Quick to start relationships or creative projects.
Quick to end them.


The Essence:  
Big hair, big heart. Shiny.  Courageous. 
Loves to be adored, admired and honored.  King of the beasts. 
Queen of their domain.  Creative and self-expressive.  Passionate lovers. 
Modern art, graffiti and gold.  Evokes majesty. 

The Challenge:
Pride can overwhelm the heart.


The Essence:  
Passionate lover, free spirit, philosopher of life. 
Loves parties, costumes, travel.  Fabulously flirtatious. 
Freedom is her muse. 

The Challenge:  
The grass is always greener.  Commitment can feel like a cage.




The Essence:  
Loves to talk. Spoken word, poetry. Friends.
Never ending new ideas.  Laughter is the language of the heart.
What you see is what you get.  Never boring, always the trickster.
Loves a good question.  Books, sketching, plays and theater. 
Let them mingle.  Always ask, don’t guess. 

The Challenge: 


The Essence:  
Aphrodite in human form.  Marriage, partnerships, relationships. 
Romance, secret rendezvous, desert escapes.  Dew on fairy dusted flowers. 
Equality, fairness and justice for all.  Jewels.  Fresh air. 
Enticing conversations, lingering lunches.  Meandering, hand holding,
kisses that taste like the clouds joined the sea. 

The Challenge:  
Trying to please everyone.  


The Essence:  
Freedom. Friends as lovers, lovers as friends. 
Music Festivals, sleepovers, lux picnics.  Hike all day, dance all night. 
Love being a part of community.  Have all the fun. 
Martini’s, skinny jeans and leather jackets. 

The Challenge:  
Detaching from feelings and/or too much “group” think.




The Essence:  
Loves the home they create. 
Family, security, cuddles, snuggles, and a damn good love letter. 
The roots run deep, emotions span decades, lifetimes and universes. 
Tears are medicine.  Objects are nostalgic.  Will nurture everyone. 
Their wombs create worlds upon worlds of magic. 

The Challenge: 
Nurturing others before themselves.


The Essence:  
Love potions.  Deep and delicious fucking. 
Merging with God, money and sex.  It’s all the same. 
The Phoenix From The Ashes.  Mysterious, elusive and powerful. 
Always changing. Every evolving.

The Challenge: 


The Essence:  
Universal love.  Deeply empathic. 
A desire to merge with a lover, another, art, the experience. 
Channeling the cosmos is a full time job.  Neptunian. Absinthe. 
Loves glamour. Sparkle. Downloads. Upgrades.  Ecstasy. 
Otherworldly love.  Off- planet fantasies.  Loves to be fucked to God. 

The Challenge: 
Loss of self in the “other”.  




The Essence:  
Lover of the senses. Tasting the chocolate,
luxuriating in the flesh, intoxicating scents, The View of The Garden,
the sound of the drums.  Feet on the ground.  Earth Mother Goddess. 
Hathor, the Eqyptian Goddess of pleasure.  Honey.  Bees. 
Queen or King of pleasure, sensuality and lusciousness. 

The Challenge:  


The Essence:  
Rituals. Self love. Worship of The Divine In All Things. 
Healing ceremonies. Retreats. Journaling. Art that heals. 
Waiting for “the one”.  The Goddess Who Belongs To Herself. 
Alchemy.  Details.  Structure.  Loves a plan.  When it’s right, it’s on. 

The Challenge: 
Releasing the Chastity belt, having a love affair with pleasure.  


The Essence:  
Cosmic Luxury.  Loves being a Boss. Or a Boss Babe. 
Adores being admired for success.  Brings the highest light into
concrete reality form.  Refined and exquisite taste. 
Fine art, classical music and deep red wine.  Caviar, champagne
and black roses.  The smell of leather and money…intoxicating. 
The vibe: Pleiades meets Versailles. 

The Challenge:  
Prestige dominating the wisdom of the heart.  

 Image by Ben Hassett

Image by Ben Hassett

Do You.

There is no "right" way to live life.

There is no "right" spiritual path.

We don't need to eat this

Or not drink that

Or wear this

Or not that

Or mediate for hours

Or cleanse, clear and obsess about 


Or wear this crystal

Or not.

Or banish sexiness

Sensuality and

Pleasure from our lives.

We only need to say YES

To what lights us up.

And NO 

To what isn't a fit.

Boundaries are really just

Honoring what we love,

How we love.

Being fully embodied

Celebrating this gift

Of life.

Our Higher Selves are

Cosmic Unicorns

Waiting to run free.

It's time to play.

Willow x


Venus In Pisces

Venus on my body

heart trapped in armor

one by one

I surrender

to the tidal wave

Joan of Ark

belly of a dragon

life of a sniper

self flagellation

passort stamped

intergalactic spy

healing waters

bring it all

mermaid tail

its over.

trade in my passport

intergalactic lover

Jesus and Mary Magdalene

enter my heart

I ask to be shown

I expect a journey

they say, "go in".

and in 

and deeper 


Willow x




It is impossible

to capture the full majesty

of the night sky

to hold it in my hands

and force it through my brush


for me to connect you

to what you so desire

but I am willing....

to let the magic flow

through me, in me

all around me

I cry

because I will never get it


But I paint anyway

paint anyway


maybe what I paint will inspire you

to go outside

and look up

and remember

who you are.


Willow x



Scorpio Moon

Last night the new moon was in Scorpio.

Death. Rebirth. Transformation.

The Pheonix from the ashes.

I slept.

I dreamed.

I was down in the office.

Where TC never was.

Yet he is there.

I saw his bike shoes.

I was guided to smell them.

To remember.

And then it was not a dream.

I felt a portal opening up.

My whole body vibrating.

Cosmic orgasm.

I knew it would only become more intense.

But I also knew TC wanted me to meet him.

I needed to meet him.

I let myself go.

Engulfed in ecstasy.

Down down down.

Like Alice.

Through the tunnel of light.

Into the center of Patcha Mama.

I see TC on the left.

In a purple world of his own creation.

I stop. He is so excited.

So joyful.

So high on vibes.

"Hi Willow!, Doesn't this feel amazing!?!"

I agree.

And then I listen.

He told me that his light body is one with the earth.

Helping to raise the vibration.

He said many are helping this way.

Deep in the core crystal.

Healing from the inside out.

We hug.

Light body hugs feel different.

But the same.

I started to realize that I needed to return.

Because I still wanted to feel.

All the feels.

In my body.

I love ecstasy

But I am still called to be 

On the ground.

Receiving messages

From the other side

It's all love.

There is nothing to fear.

We will never die.

It's time to really truly


Willow x


Your Pussy.

Is psychic



She may have been


Or cursed

With black magic


By jealous lovers








Write One Thing

Say One Thing

Paint One Thing

Allow yourself to be

Fucked by God

Or make love

You can't do it wrong

You are pure

You are magestic

You always were

You will always be

Do It

Your WAY


Willow x





It was fucking intense.

My stepson died one year ago.

The little me needs...



How long can I be a rock?

For my husband.

My daughters. 

For Myself.

I see 11:11.



I am not looking.

But the signs are there.

On the right track.

My neuroses merging into my husband's.

We are not kids any more.

It's time to shift this shit.

Addicted to trauma.

Without a problem, who can relate?


Take a salt bath.

Light a candle.

Play a song that clears my cells.

I take the cross off my back.

It is finished.

And so it is.

Willow x


Just BE You.

You are the only you.

This is true.

Let it sink in.


Into your cells.

Into the essence of YOU.

If you are the only you, what would YOU do?

The YOU that can be whatever you want to be.

BE that.

Express that.

Don't hold back.

There is no good or bad way to express yourself.

Whatever is aligned with YOU is 


Your secret sauce is the magic.

The magic is your secret sauce.

Don't hold back.

You can not be too much.

You can not be too little.

When you are authentic in your joy

The world shifts a little bit more

Into light.

Willow x


My Dream For The World

My dream for the world is...

That everyone loves their body.

Delights in their senses.

KNOWS how lucky they are to be having this experience.

Angels and Stardust, Gods and Goddesses dream of being embodied.

You are IT.

The breeze on your skin.

The eyes of your lover.

The hug from your daughter.

The tears of loss and the pain of yesterday....




The joy of returning to The Goddess, the kiss of The Sun....

You have it all.

And to Stardust you will return. 

Love yourself.

For you are everything and there is NO thing to worry about.

Welcome dear one. 

This is your life.

This is your home.

Willow x


Let Her Speak.

I am going to keep this as simple as I can. This week I have been drowning in the emotions of the collective consciousness (and unconscious). As an oracle, this happens often. But this week was super intense. You feel me?  The Harvey Weinstein thing, the trending #metoo hashtag, the whole agenda of patriarchal and matriarchal systems using fear to hide the truth.

I have been moody and bitchy and on the verge of tears. I wrote an email to my mentor Nicola of 7OM. I basically asked, "why is everyone whining and moaning about their boss harassing them or getting catcalled, when rape and torture are so much worse? Men have been bullied and tortured by the system too, can't we just all move on?"

She answered my question in our Temple Group today, (if you love priestesses and witches, you would love our Temple!) basically reminding me that it's about being seen, heard and held when you need it. It's not about women vs. men (although there is a strong agenda being pushed to convince us of this!), it's about all of humanity throwing off the illusion of fear and separation and stepping into Sacred Union. Sacred Union with ourselves, Sacred Union with the Divine, and Sacred Union with our lover. 

I realized right away that the "little me" was just feeling jealous and alone. All of these women were being validated on social media, listened to and loved. I was never "validated" for seeing and knowing the truth of my abuse as a child.  On the contrary, I was "punished" with the programs of fear and guilt. 

The little me still needs a hug. She needs to be seen, and she needs to be validated, by ME. And she will probably always need this from me. I have to be soft enough to put my shield down and hold her close. Sometimes we need to let our hearts break all the way open. We don't always need to stitch them back together as fast as we can.

There was no betrayal, rape, darkness, confusion or fear worse than the feeling of abandoning myself. I abandoned myself and the truth in an effort to escape a witch hunt. Betraying myself ultimately did not work. It never does.  When the group I grew up with sensed I was awakening out of of my self imposed slumber, they called me crazy. They called me a liar. They told everyone I had false memories implanted into my mind.  They called me a slut. In hindsight, it made it pretty easy to escape and set myself free. There are no accidents.  I can tell you a very real truth. It is far better to be "crazy" and free, than it is to be "sane" and sedated. 

The point of journaling today is this: you belong to YOU. You are the only person who can really validate you. The truth is between you and The Source, and this is the connection you can always trust.

If you have been victimized, you do not need to remain a victim. You can choose again. You can say, "Self, we know how that experience feels, how about we heal this shit and create something magical?" Have the courage to begin anew. We can only assist others, the planet, or other worlds, when we honor ourselves first. It is not a selfish act to walk away from what no longer serves you. It is brave, and it is beautiful, and you will be amazed at what unfolds as you take the very fist step into freedom.

There will be tears from time to time, but they are not just our tears, they are everyone's tears. And they can wash you clean. When you feel like you might be drowning, that is when a mermaid will rescue you. The mermaid is you, and You, and YOU. It's all you. And you can finally breathe. Your first delicious breath of now. 


Willow x

It's Time To Play.

The easiest way to access the wisdom of our higher self is to play.  We came here to experience different energies and to have some fun! There is a buffet of options, emotions and frequencies to choose from, and it is up to us to pick what nourishes our soul. When we play and celebrate life, our connection to the Divine Intelligence is on speed dial.

Genius is accessed while in this flow state, and great works of art, poetry, inventions and creativity can be literally downloaded into our consciousness. We don't need to be so serious! Let's do what lights us up, turns us on, and tunes us in! Follow the signs, listen to our bodies, and keep choosing the highest vibe we can. Enjoy watching the magic appear. It's time to recover our joy.

Willow x