Scorpio Moon

Last night the new moon was in Scorpio.

Death. Rebirth. Transformation.

The Pheonix from the ashes.

I slept.

I dreamed.

I was down in the office.

Where TC never was.

Yet he is there.

I saw his bike shoes.

I was guided to smell them.

To remember.

And then it was not a dream.

I felt a portal opening up.

My whole body vibrating.

Cosmic orgasm.

I knew it would only become more intense.

But I also knew TC wanted me to meet him.

I needed to meet him.

I let myself go.

Engulfed in ecstasy.

Down down down.

Like Alice.

Through the tunnel of light.

Into the center of Patcha Mama.

I see TC on the left.

In a purple world of his own creation.

I stop. He is so excited.

So joyful.

So high on vibes.

"Hi Willow!, Doesn't this feel amazing!?!"

I agree.

And then I listen.

He told me that his light body is one with the earth.

Helping to raise the vibration.

He said many are helping this way.

Deep in the core crystal.

Healing from the inside out.

We hug.

Light body hugs feel different.

But the same.

I started to realize that I needed to return.

Because I still wanted to feel.

All the feels.

In my body.

I love ecstasy

But I am still called to be 

On the ground.

Receiving messages

From the other side

It's all love.

There is nothing to fear.

We will never die.

It's time to really truly


Willow x